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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyer Dan Palumbo on Felony and Misdemeanor Arrests

Being arrested is never fun and a criminal conviction can have consequences that affect you and your family for the rest of your life. A felony conviction can lead to jail, will prohibit you from voting, from owning a firearm and can also have immigration consequences, just to name a few outcomes. Even a misdemeanor conviction can lead to jail. But being arrested is not the same as being convicted or found guilty.

Improving Your Odds Using a Lawyer

But being arrested is not the same as being convicted or found guilty. Following an arrest, the state of Georgia has the burden of proving their case against you and your defense attorney will work to get the case dismissed. There are many steps involved in the defense of a criminal case – usually starting with a bond hearing and sometimes ending up with an appeal following trial. Whether you are accused of shoplifting something to eat from the grocery store or drug trafficking, don’t go it alone.  Do not go to court without representation.

Step 1: Hire an Attorney to Improve Your Defense

Getting the first step right is critical and can set you on a better path for success in the case. Attorney Dan Palumbo specializes in criminal defense and has successfully represented many people following their arrest in Atlanta, including the local areas of Buckhead, Brookhaven, Chamblee, Tucker, Doraville, Decatur, Lilburn and Lawrenceville. If you are in Georgia and have been arrested or charged with a crime the first step is to call Dan at Palumbo Law.

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